St Lucian and St Marcian

Martyrs (entered heaven around 250)

Dear Lucy,

I share your deep sadness at the spread of this unchristian spiritualism.  I am sorry that you are being forced to live so close to it, having a witch as a roommate and pagans and Wiccans coming in and out all the time.  But do you not think Providence had a hand in this residential arrangement?  Do you not think that God is as interested in winning those souls back to the true religion of Christ as they are in discovering true meaning and happiness?  I would say that God has called you to exercise the priestly powers of your baptism (every baptized Christian shares in the priesthood of Christ; ordained priests are conformed more fully to it) and be a bridge between him and them.  Your example, your words, and your prayers will serve him well to bring them home.  It kind of reminds me of today’s saints.

The two fellows lived in Turkey and enthusiastically practiced black magic.  They were particularly fascinated with casting spells and charms on people – and they were good at it.  They met their match, however, when they tried to bewitch a beautiful Christian maiden.  Their magical antics lost all their power in her regard, and they were amazed.  It was a moment of grace.  Fascinated by her “power” they asked for instruction in the faith and soon received baptism.  Together they retreated for a time into the wilderness, where they learned to pray and did penance for their past excesses.  Later, they reemerged in order to spread this good news they had found, and when the persecution of the Emperor Decius broke out, they were among the first in the region to be apprehended and put on trial for their faith.  Refusing to sacrifice to the very idols they had worshipped before, they were duly tortured and eventually burned alive.  They went into the flames singing and praising God, looking forward to meeting him face to face.

My dear niece, you have received the grace of knowing and believing in the one true God – and you mustn’t keep it to yourself.  Be confident and calm as you build your friendship with those classmates who have not received that grace, and trust that as you look for the right way to teach them about Christ, God will be hard at work in their hearts.


Uncle Eddy

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