St Simon and St Jude (Thaddeus)

Apostles (entered heaven in the first centuries)

Dear Judy,

I only have time for a brief note – it looks like they will be changing my cubicle today and I’ll have to sit in chains for a while while they do it, so I want to get this off quickly.  Above all, my beloved niece, I wish to commend and encourage you.  Your frequent notes are a great source of joy for me, forlorn as I am in this artificial holding cage.  I have no doubt at all that our Lord is extremely pleased with your constant efforts to fulfill his will and grow in your life of prayer and virtue, even though you seem to have “nothing to show for it,” as you mentioned lately.  My dear, you are storing up treasure in heaven!  Fear not if your grub-sheet is short!  Consider well the example of today’s saints.

These two men were members of Christ’s hand-picked, elite corps (the Twelve Apostles), and yet, we know almost nothing about them.  Simon says not a single word in the Gospels, and Jude has just one line (though a letter of his does appear later in the New Testament).  There is no reliable history of their apostolic adventures after Pentecost, though it is generally believed that they ended up spreading the gospel together in Persia, where they were martyred.  They too seemed to “have nothing to show” for their fidelity to God.  And yet, they are pillars of the Church, and they sit enthroned in heaven and will judge the Twelve Tribes when the final hour comes.

Yes, my dear Judy, when this brief earthly sojourn comes to an end, we will all be in for some big surprises after we (please God) pass through the pearly gates.  You just keep diligently plugging away at whatever the Lord asks of you, and don’t worry about making waves that everyone can see.  Leave that up to God.


Uncle Eddy

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