The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Dear Bertha,

Someone has mixed you up terribly.  To “keep your distance” from the Blessed Virgin because “she had no sin so she can’t understand my struggles” is a diabolical ploy.  Don’t be deceived.  Precisely because the Blessed Virgin was free from all sin – original and personal – she is able to be a true “refuge of sinners”, as the Litany recites.  Let me explain (briefly, because I have to go on another one of those most distasteful interrogation sessions in just a few moments – they never tire of trying to extract non-existent secrets from me).  Who loves more, someone who is selfish, or someone who is selfless?  Certainly, the more selfless someone is, the more they can love someone else.  Now then, who helps a troubled soul more, someone who loves them a lot, or someone who loves them a little?  Certainly the one who loves a lot will be a greater comfort and a greater help in times of trouble.  OK, well, who is less selfish than the Blessed Virgin Mary?  Her heart was never wounded by sin, so she has remained for ever totally free to love without measure.  No selfishness, no hint of suspicion, no fear, nothing at all limits the affection and care with which she looks upon you, her true daughter in Christ (remember, when you were baptized you were adopted into God’s family, and Mary is the Mother of God, so you are her spiritual daughter).  Thus, the Church has long invoked her as “Refuge of Sinners.”  In fact, some saints have said that the greater a sinner you are, the more her heart reaches out to you.

And if you still don’t believe me, take it upon yourself to read what the saints have written about Mary.  They all say the same thing: as soon as they started to entrust the project of their Christian life to her care, things began to move along at a much faster clip.

The proof is in the pudding, my skeptical little niece; take a spoonful and you’ll find out for yourself.  Don’t let the devil and his minions deceive you – today of all days, spend some time with your Mother.  At least tell her “Happy Birthday!”

Happily your Uncle,


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