The Transfiguration of Our Lord

(which took place about a year before our Lord’s crucifixion, on Mount Tabor in Galilee)

Dear Fitch,

Discouragement has no place in the life of a Christian.  Period.  It’s a sure sign of the presence of the Evil One tweaking your self love.  It comes from thinking you’re so great – too great to fall or fail.  It comes from thinking that you ought to be able to fulfill God’s plan for your life by your own efforts alone.  What an insult!  As if Christ only came to earth just in case someone would need a bit of assistance in a job they were perfectly capable of performing by themselves.  No, my confused young nephew, don’t be a schmendrik, be a Christian.  Today’s Feast should help get you back on track.

Matthew, Mark, and Luke all narrate this event, when Jesus climbed Mt Tabor to pray, bringing Peter, James, and John with him.  And he was transfigured before them, such that his face and clothes shone brighter than the sun, and Moses and Elijah appeared with him, and they all spoke about his coming days of Glory in Jerusalem (his Passion).  Peter and the other two disciples were dazed, amazed, and confused by the beauty, the power, the majesty of this their buddy Rabbi.  It was a revelation to see him in his glory – at least a little bit – a revelation that they would go back to again and again later in their lives, when things got tough, when opposition threatened to paralyze the embryonic Church – in other words, when they felt the temptation to discouragement.  In those moments, recalling the Transfiguration reminded them that Christ, their leader, their friend, their guide, was the Son of God.  That with him on their side, they had nothing to fear.

Well, my misanthropic relative, you need to meditate on this Gospel scene (see Matthew 17, Mark 9, and Luke 9).  It is the power of Christ, the reality of his Lordship that will give you the supernatural boost you need to leave behind your wallowing self-pity-parties.  You aren’t alone; the results of your efforts aren’t up solely to you; you just have to do your best – He will do all the rest (if you let him).

Your loving uncle,


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