A Heart of Humility: Weekly Message for 6-20-17

Dear Digital Pilgrim,

There is no more appealing virtue of the heart of Christ than that of his humility. In the Gospel for this coming Feast of the Sacred Heart (June 23) He tells us that he is meek and humble of heart (Matthew 11:28-29). He appeals to those willing to learn from this heart of his. Then Jesus goes on to promise rest and refreshment for our souls. And in this busy, crazy, fallen world, who doesn’t need that? But what does it mean to “shoulder his yoke” and learn to be “meek and humble”? What about those of us with strong and independent temperaments? How do we seek to rest in him?

To say that Jesus was “meek and humble” certainly doesn’t mean he was a push over. The strength and fortitude of his character was unsurpassed. He was a true leader, with clear ideals, deep convictions, and an iron will. Yet, at the same time he made time for the “little and lowly people” – everyone from beggars, poor people, children, prostitutes, and tax collectors without discrimination. He never acted superior to the people he was with but listened to their problems and came to their assistance. He knew who he was and that he was the “Lord”, and yet he never ‘Lorded’ it over anyone. His humility came from a serene recognition of his utter dependence on God the Father and receiving everything from him.

So what about us? Humility is a curious virtue, because we love it in others but we have such a hard time practicing it ourselves. We like to be recognized. We like to be right. We like to be in control and to know what is going on. We often compare ourselves to others (sometimes feeing superior, other times envious, still other times bitterly inferior). If we are honest, and see ourselves as we truly are, we find in ourselves a lot of pride that we don’t see in the heart of Jesus. Yet, Jesus promises that the yoke of humility is sweet. When we shoulder it and let go of ourselves, we will find ‘rest for our souls”!

So, as we approach the feast of His Most Sacred Heart let’s make a stern effort to try it. To try just that little bit more asking for his grace to exercise a ‘meek and humble’ heart. It means willing, desiring, and depending upon God as the Lord of our life. To listen to others with an open and tender heart. To attend to the needs of those around us without seeking anything in return. And to entrust our hearts to His…O, Sacred Heart of Jesus, meek and humble, make my heart more like yours!

Recently I discovered this beautiful blessing prayer of the Sacred Heart. As we prepare for this special feast day my prayer will be for you to receive the graces and blessings your heart yearns for and the Sacred Heart promises to give us.

May the grace of the Sacred Heart be with you;
The peace of the Sacred Heart encompass you;
The merits of the Sacred Heart plead for you;
The love of the Sacred Heart enflame you;
The sorrows of the Sacred Heart console you;
The zeal of the Sacred Heart animate you;
The virtues of the Sacred Heart shine forth in every word and work,
Any may the joys of the Beatific Vision be your eternal reward. Amen

God bless

In Christ,

Lucy Honner
Director, RCSpirituality Center

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