A Novena to Mary Magdalene: Weekly Message for 06-18-2019

Dear Friends,

When we pick up a novena we often look for a short formula of prayers.  We want to get something out of our invested time. But the saints are not like gumball machines: insert coin, out comes the treat!  The saints want to help us, to accompany us, and above all to bring us to the goal of our lives – union with God. They can help us because they have already walked the path and discovered the Source of all gifts along the way.  Have you had this experience with the saints?

For years I had asked Mary Magdalene for her intercession.  But living in Ancient Magdala, her hometown, I began to ponder the spiritual treasures she received from her life journey.  I began to wonder at the interior dynamic that took place in her soul. And I could see elements of her spiritual journey reflected in my own life.  I also began to imagine the sentiments with which she would pray. A new understanding of the communion of saints took shape – the saints share the spiritual goods they have received from God.  They share them in a special way as we befriend them and contemplate the action of God in their lives. From this experience, an idea took shape. Could I walk other people through some of her spiritual experiences, so they too could learn from her walk with the Lord and share in the spiritual treasures that she received?  

The upcoming novena reflection, Nine Days with Mary Magdalene, is the fruit of this attempt.  I hope and pray that it helps you to enter into the spiritual dynamic of this saint and gain light and strength for your own journey of ongoing conversion and deeper discipleship.

Join us by subscribing to the free daily email.  It will begin on July 12 with an introduction to the novena and end on the feast day of Mary Magdalene, July 22, with concluding remarks.  In between, you will walk with Mary Magdalene for nine days. You are invited to reflect on her interior spiritual dynamic and how it relates to your life.  At the end of each brief reflection, you are invited to pray a prayer based on the theme of the day. When you finish, please let us know what you think about Nine Days with Mary Magdalene.  Enjoy!

In Christ,

Jennifer Ristine, CRC

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  1. As I read on “Life of San Fracis of Assisi” by Omer Englebert, when he narrated how the Italian saint received the stigmata from our Lord, he says: “at that moment he become the perfect mirror from Christ.”

    I agree with you, Father Bartunek. In paying attention to the saints behavior, we, the catholics could learn about what is the rapport with the neighbor that God wants from us. Peace.

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