An Ordinary Week: Weekly Message for 02-26-2019

Dear Friends in Christ,

This is officially, to date, the most ordinary week about which I have ever had to write. Liturgically we’re in Ordinary Time, and every day of this week is Ordinary Time. No extraordinary Feasts, Memorials, or liturgical seasons, just plain day-by-day liturgy.

Ordinary weeks are boring and tedious for some, comfortable and tranquil for others. Whether a source of serenity or a source of restlessness, an ordinary week is an opportunity to measure your spiritual life in terms of a “baseline.”

In a “baseline study” the “baseline” is a starting point from which an activity’s progress and effectiveness are measured. This week is the perfect baseline for seeing what your ordinary spiritual life is like: there’s no liturgical season underway instilling extraordinary penance, as in Lent, or extra joy, as in Christmas and Easter. Ordinary Time.

Outside of Sunday Mass every week, in an ordinary week

  • Do you speak with Our Lord in prayer?
  • Spend some time in Adoration?
  • Meditate on Sacred Scripture?
  • Do a little spiritual reading?
  • Pray the Rosary or practice some other spiritual devotion such as the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Way of the Cross, etc.?
  • Try to learn a little more about your faith and the spiritual life?
  • Help others by practicing charity, spreading hope, and sharing your faith?

 At RCSpirituality we want to help you thrive even in your spiritual “routine,” and we have many resources to help you establish the best “baseline” for your spiritual growth: books, essays, retreats, study guides, and a growing number of online courses.

May Our Lord continue to help you Pray, Learn, Grow, and Go in this most ordinary of weeks.

Father Nikola Derpich, L.C.

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