Building Christ’s Kingdom – Weekly Message for July 21, 2015

Dear Fellow Digital Pilgrims, pax Christi:

The more relaxed schedule of the summer months usually gives me a chance to hunker down and get some writing done. This summer is no exception.

Many of you have read and commented on one of my recent books, Seeking First the Kingdom: 30 Meditations on How to Love God with All Your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength.” The one I am working on this month is its sequel and companion: “Go! 30 Meditations on How to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.” I have been mulling over this book for a good twelve months, and I have to admit that it feels very satisfying to begin to knock it out on the keyboard.

The core idea is simple. As Christ’s followers, we not only receive God’s love and grace, which heals and renews us in every dimension of our being. But we have also been made sharers in the truly amazing mission of helping to build up Christ’s Kingdom. By inviting us to join him in that effort, he has actually given an eternal meaning, an everlasting resonance to our lives here on earth. What we do can reverberate forever…

That thought is never far from my heart. And I am eager and excited to be sharing it with you and many other readers through this new book effort.

But don’t think I am so absorbed in writing that I have forgotten about you. I am still praying for all our digital pilgrims and missionaries every day. And I am leaning your prayers. We are so grateful for this growing digital community, and for the chance to serve you with our formation resources, and for your support of our efforts to keep going and growing.

Please keep sending us your feedback, including thoughts and ideas about the kind of topics and resources you would like us to provide in the coming years. We want everything we do to be a real help for your pursuit of holiness, happiness, and fruitfulness.

Thank you and God bless you!

Fr. John

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