Christ, Our King: Weekly Message for 11-17-2020

Dear Fellow Digital Pilgrim, pax Christi:

As the liturgical year winds down, the upcoming Solemnity of Christ the King helps us take stock and to keep everything in perspective. It reminds us that everything merely material, everything merely earthly, will pass away.  But if we keep our hearts, minds, and sights on what lasts forever, we will uncover the meaning and purpose that truly satisfies. It is our sincere hope that the “Nine Days to Christ the King: A Meditation Novena” written by Teresa Williams, CRC  – along with our many other resources – is helping you experience afresh the many “thrones” (the concrete realities) in our lives upon which Christ continues to build his kingdom in our hearts and in the world around us. 

As Christ’s followers, we not only receive God’s love and grace, which heals and renews us in every dimension of our being, but we have also been made sharers in the truly amazing mission of helping to build up Christ’s Kingdom. By inviting us to join him in that effort, he has actually given an eternal meaning, an everlasting resonance to our lives here on earth.

What we do can reverberate forever. Whenever we do something for Christ – whether offering up our own sufferings, obeying his will in little or big things, spreading the Good News he entrusted to his Church, or even just speaking his name with faith and love – we are engaged in helping build up the only Kingdom that will have no end.  What could possibly be more meaningful than that?

For us here at RCSpirituality we rely entirely on the prayerful and generous support of so many who make our ministry possible. It is to you we are most grateful and encouraged. Our way of saying thanks is to continue our commitment to serving your need for spiritually enriching content that helps you to grow, persevere, and share in your faith and friendship with the Lord. We want everything we do to be a real help for your pursuit of holiness, happiness, and fruitfulness.

We pray for all our digital pilgrims and missionaries every day. We are so grateful for this growing digital community, and for the chance to serve you with our formation resources, and for your support of our efforts to keep going and growing. Wishing you a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving! 

In Christ, 

Lucy Honner
Director, RCSpirituality

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