Making the Most of It: Weekly Message for 06-07-16

Dear Friends in Christ,

When Ask a Priest began in September 2013, none of us was sure where it would go.

We sensed that RC Spirituality could use a Q&A feature to complement its Retreat Guides and other offerings. People often have questions about the faith that they feel awkward or embarrassed about asking face to face.

Sure enough, the questions came. And came. They came from the fervent faithful and from atheists. They asked about what to do with broken rosaries (bury them respectfully) and what to do for broken families (a tougher question).

Along the way a practical question arises: how to make the most of Ask a Priest? Here a few hints might help.

  • First, many questions touch on the same themes. So if you are wondering about a certain topic, try doing a web search (“ask a priest catholic requirements confession”), since the answer you need might already be online.
  • Second, encourage loved ones who have been away from the faith to browse the Q&A’s. Sometimes people stay away from the Church because of misconceptions about its teachings or practices. A little clarity can help bring a soul home.
  • Third, share links with those who might benefit from hearing the Church’s view on a topic. Ask a Priest isn’t the last word in Catholic teaching, but it does try to offer a faithful glimpse into what the Church proposes.

Above all, see Ask a Priest and RC Spirituality as an attempt to help people who struggle to make sense of the world and their own lives and who have a genuine desire to find the truth.

If we can fulfill that mission in some small way, then all our work is worth it.

God bless,

Father Edward McIlmail, L.C.
Ask a Priest contributor

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