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Lent begins tomorrow and we want to enhance your Lenten journey.

To experience the blessedness that comes from keeping spiritual things first and material things second, is one of the goals of the liturgical season of Lent, when the Church calls us to focus not on getting, but on giving, especially through prayer, penance, and loving service.

To reach this goal, we need to continually turn our attention to Jesus, so that the priorities of his heart can gradually become the priorities of our hearts. And that’s what The Widow’s Might – A Retreat Guide for Lent, and our newest Study Circle Guide Inside the Passion – A Study Circle Guide for Lent are all about helping you to do.

Here is a sneak preview.

The Widow’s Might – A Retreat Guide for Lent

  • In the first meditation, we will hear Jesus teach about true generosity.
  • In the second meditation, we will contemplate one of his parables about the limited value of material things.
    And in the conference, we will review the deep yet very practical theological concept of stewardship.
  • Inside the Passion – A Study Circle Guide for Lent

Inside the Passion – A Study Circle Guide for Lent

This Study Circle Guide is especially useful during Lent. It can also be adapted as a small-group activity during a faith-experience like a mission or a non-silent weekend retreat.

The book Inside the Passion is a scene-by-scene analysis of Hollywood’s highest grossing R-rated film of all time, The Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson. Inside the Passion is the only authorized explanation of the film, written after in-depth interviews with all the filmmakers.

This Study Circle Guide provides guidance for a faith-based reflection on this work of cinematic art. The idea is to go beyond the emotion stirred up by the film, and use the artistic excellence as a springboard for spiritual renewal.
Finally, as Lent provokes us to reflect on the value of our material means and if these resources are a blessing to you, please consider a monthly donation of $10.00 per month. Click here: YES, I WANT TO JOIN THE TEAM OF DIGITAL MISSIONARIES IN MAKING RCSPIRITUALITY RESOURCES AVAILABLE AROUND THE WORLD! Your support will help us in our contribution to building and spreading the Kingdom of Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support!

With the assurance of my prayers during this Lenten season, God Bless In Christ,

Lucy Honner
Director, RC Spirituality

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