On the March: Weekly Message for 1-16-18

Dear Friend in Christ,

Because I live in the Washington, DC area, every year around this time I have the grace to feel the energy growing as we build up to the annual March for Life. Right around the anniversary of the famous Supreme Court Decision (Roe vs. Wade, January 22nd, 1973) that made the tragic crime of abortion into an accepted practice in the USA, pro-life activity here in the capital crescendos from a buzz to a boom. The weather is almost always horrible, and the publicity is for the most part minimal or distorted or opposed, but even so hundreds of thousands of marchers, including school groups from around the nation, gather to pray, worship, and peacefully but powerfully support the cause of human dignity.

Some people, I know, consider it a lost cause. Legalized abortion seems to be spreading throughout the world, rather than contracting. And yet, even some secular surveys from recent years are showing that the younger generations (often self-described as “abortion survivors”) are more and more open to the pro-life message. This, to my mind, is a sign of hope and a proof that in the end the truth – whether about God, the world, or us fallen human beings – is intrinsically convincing.

That same conviction underlies all that we strive to do here at RCSpirituality.org. The truth of Christ is a power that can transform our lives – not just once, but over and over again. The Christian journey lasts a lifetime, and it is a lifetime of ongoing transformation through God’s grace. Communicating that truth in attractive, stimulating, and fresh ways – so as to nourish that lifelong process of spiritual transformation – is a good summary of our mission here. Just as the March for Life is an expression of and an opportunity for hope and perseverance, so we pray that our resources and products are both an expression of and an opportunity for continued growth in friendship with Christ.

I will be on the march once again in this year’s March for Life. Even if you aren’t able to make it to DC, we can join our prayers together for a spiritual renewal in our culture, a renewal that can only happen if convinced believers like you and me continue to go deeper in our walk with the Lord.

God bless you!

In Christ,
Lucy Honner, CRC
Director, RCSpirituality Center

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