Seasoned prayer: Weekly Message for 09-01-2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

Labor Day in the U.S. used to be like a starting pistol, marking the start of the two-month dash to Election Day.

The race would rivet the attention of a lot of citizens like that of spectators at a 100-meter Olympic dash.

After the lull of the summer, the public would perk up to the debates and news clips and media ads that highlighted this or that candidate.

And then, after the voting ended and the ballots were counted, especially in a presidential election year, people would either celebrate or lick their wounds, and resign themselves to what would follow in the next four years.

So much for the old days.

Now, thanks to lengthy primary seasons, 24-hour news cycles, and the polarization of just about everything, the din of politics rumbles year-round.

It doesn’t have to be like that, of course, at least not at a personal level.

This autumn, it might be worthwhile to take a wider view of politics and see what special contribution we as followers of Christ can make. For we are called to let our light shine before others (Matthew 5:16).

This will mean placing ourselves a healthy distance above the political fray and reminding ourselves that all people, no matter their political views, are sons and daughters of God. And they all have the same King, whether they know it or not.

Keeping serene amid the political battles won’t be easy. Fault lines can run right through the middle of families.

What can help prepare us is a deeper prayer life. And a timely aid might be Father John Bartunek’s Autumn Meditations.

Deep prayer helps us focus on the most important things from Our Lord’s perspective.

It can certainly help to soothe what could otherwise be a very acerbic election season.

In Christ,

Father Edward McIlmail, LC
Ask a Priest contributor

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