Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday…perhaps no other day of the Liturgical Year is so mysterious. Against the backdrop of the suffering which we know is to come, we focus on the reaction of the people, of the “crowd.” Christ’s triumphal entrance into Jerusalem forces us to take note of him. It forces us to take sides. By riding into town as King, the Lord sets the stage for a dramatic conflict to take place in each of our hearts, just as it did in Jerusalem two thousand years ago. What sort of Kingship do I allow Christ in my life?

Preparing for the day:

  • In a quiet room or corner of the house, set up a prayer space where family can gather for prayer and the liturgies this week. 
  • Place on your dining room or kitchen table a lighted candle, perhaps with red cloth, a cross or crucifix, and a bible. Consider wearing red to be mindful of the liturgical celebration throughout the day!
  • Arrange palm branches from any tree or shrub in a vase or decorate your kitchen table or front door (or make them out of paper or cardboard). The leaves and branches remind us of new life triumphing over death. 
  • This is a joyful day! Take a walk outside if possible, to imagine Jesus entering triumphantly into your neighborhood and welcoming him in your heart.
During this time when so many cannot attend Holy Mass in person, we invite you to join us as LEgionaries of Christ offer Daily Mass live-streamed on the LEGIONARIES OF CHRIST FACEBOOK PAGE. Palm Sunday Mass will be celebrated by Fr Mark Haydu, LC and live-streamed at 9:00 am Eastern Time.

Morning Reflection by Donna Garrett:

Afternoon Reflection by Fr. Jason Smith, LC:

The Cleansing of the Temple (Mt 21: 12-17)

Fr. Mark Haydu, LC, and Fr. Jason Smith, LC, also invite you to pray the Rosary with them live on weekdays at 6:00 pm Eastern Time on the LEGIONARIES OF CHRIST FACEBOOK PAGE.

A number of other Legionaries of Christ will also be offering live streams of the Holy Mass over social media at different times and in different time zones: CLICK HERE for further information.

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