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Singing in the Reign: Weekly Message for 11-23-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, For the last few years, I’ve been editing and translating a theology book, just published last...

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The Kingdom of my Heart: Weekly Message for 11-16-2021

Dear Friends, This coming weekend culminates in the celebration of Christ the King. This feast was instituted by Pope Pius...

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Are you afraid of the dark?: Weekly Message for 11-9-2021

Dear Fellow Missionaries, As we journey with the Lord, questions inevitably arise. “What do you ask of me?” “How are...

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A commemoration of hope: Weekly Message for 11-02-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, The solemnity of All Saints and the commemoration of All Souls at the start of November...

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LOST: gray Bic pen. If found…:Weekly Message for 10-26-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, In 2019 I watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, and this year, during my...

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The Great Awokening: Weekly Message for 10-19-2021

Dear Friends, Today, we consume a steady diet of news, tweets, social media posts, podcasts, and video feeds. We are...

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October’s Lovliness: Weekly Message for 10-12-2021

Dear Digital Pilgrims, This week’s reflection is written by Fr. John Pietropaoli, LC. who hails from Malone, New York.  Fr....

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Flight for refuge: Weekly Message for 10-05-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, Pope Leo XIII was a great proponent of the rosary. He wrote 10 encyclicals focused primarily...

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Owning It: Weekly Message for 09-28-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, Author’s note: It’s September 28th, 2021. Talking about owning it: I thought I was scheduled to...

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God is still with us: Weekly Message for 09-21-2021

Dear Friends, “Even if the world were to capsize, if everything were to become dark, hazy, and tumultuous, God would...

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