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Do We Radiate Peace?: Weekly Message for 10-15-2019

Dear Digital Pilgrim in Christ,  Recently a friend had to remind me that God has given me the perfect mix...

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Do our statues worship statues?: Weekly Message for 10-08-2019

Dear Friends in Christ, Many years ago I attended a talk by a Catholic apologist and during his talk he...

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Thérèse’s Way Through the Dark: Weekly Message for 10-01-2019

Dear Friends in Christ, St. Thérèse of Lisieux quickly became one of the most popular saints after her canonization in...

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A New Novena for Our Newest Saint: Weekly Message for 09-24-2019

Dear Fellow Digital Pilgrim, Pax Christi: Wouldn’t you like to be able to join Prince Charles and hundreds of thousands...

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Growing in Christian Maturity: Weekly Message for 09-17-2019

Dear Digital Pilgrim in Christ,  I am a consecrated woman of the Apostolic Society, The Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi,...

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The Theology of Football: Weekly Message for 09-10-2019

Dear Fellow Digital Pilgrim, Pax Christi: Okay, I realize I am going out on a limb here.  I have never...

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Gregory, Grit and Greatness: Weekly Message for 09-03-2019

Dear Friends in Christ,  The Church celebrates one of the “greats” today – Pope Gregory I. He reigned from 590...

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The Path of Tears: Weekly Message for 08-27-2019

Dear Friends in Christ, In July I gave a catechetical talk to K-6 students on why we honor some saints...

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Go out to all the world and tell the Good News!: Weekly Message for 08-20-2019

Dear Digital Pilgrims in Christ,  In this coming Sunday’s liturgy, we will hear the exhortation from Jesus in the gospel...

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My Least Favorite Time of Year: Weekly Message for 08-13-2019

Dear Fellow Digital Pilgrim, Pax Christi: Summer is my least favorite season.  If you read my book, Summer Meditations, you...

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