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Uncharted Territory: Weekly Message for 07-27-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, On this day in 1549, the Jesuit priest St. Francis Xavier arrived for the first time...

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The Heart of an Apostle: Weekly Message for 07-20-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, July 22 is the Feast day of Mary Magdalene. When Pope Francis elevated the commemoration of...

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Need a Spiritual Boost this Summer?: Weekly Message for 07-13-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, Summertime can be a great time of spiritual renewal…..or we can slip out of our routines...

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Patronesses of purity: Weekly Message for 07-06-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, Years ago, a group of young men from the U.S. and Mexico gathered in Rome for...

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Built to Last: Weekly Message for 06-29-2021

Dear Fellow Digital Pilgrim, pax Christi: Flanking the grand stairway that leads from St. Peter’s Plaza in Rome up to...

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Captured: Weekly Message for 06-22-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, St. Mary Magdelen dei Pazzi, a Carmelite nun and mystic once contemplated Our Lord’s Passion as...

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Summer Reading: Weekly Message for 06-15-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, Summer is truly upon us! Everywhere I go people are talking with great anticipation about their...

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Welcoming the Sacred Heart: Weekly Message for 06-08-2021

Dear Fellow Digital Pilgrim, pax Christi: In the year 1932, the entire world was in an upheaval. Europe was still...

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The Heart of Hope: Weekly Message for 06-01-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, Many people in the Northern Hemisphere hope for a return to some sort of normality this...

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Celebrating the Mystery: Weekly Message for 5-25-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, When I was putting the finishing touches last year on my book, Maximizing the Mass, a...

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