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Believing in the Lord’s Promise: Weekly Message for 05-10-2022

Dear Friends in Christ, Every disciple of the Lord faces two basic doubts – filtered, however, through apparently endless permutations....

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Motherly Wisdom: Weekly Message for 05-03-2022

Dear Friends in Christ, What must have been one of the most poignant moments during Jesus’ earthly trek isn’t found...

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On the advice of counsel: Weekly Message for 04-26-2022

Dear Friends in Christ, Yesterday on the Feast of St. Mark at a small church in Italy directed by Augustinian...

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Glimpses of the Resurrection: Weekly Message for 04-19-2022

Dear Friends, Happy Easter from the team at RCSpirituality. For many digital pilgrims, we are overjoyed to complete the Lenten...

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A Cross-Shaped Love: Weekly Message for 04-12-2022

Faith, Hope, and Love abide, these three… (1 Corinthians 13:13) Dear Friends in Christ, Love, in the end, is always...

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The week of tension: Weekly Message for 04-05-2022

Dear Friends in Christ, If we were real-time followers of Jesus and getting ready to go up with him to...

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Getting the Word Out: Weekly Message for 03-22-2022

Dear Friends in Christ, In March of 1455 (source) the Gutenberg Bible was published on the newly invented movable type...

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The Water in Your Well: Weekly Message for 03-15-2022

Dear Friends in Christ, “Give me a drink.” We hear in this Sunday’s Gospel Jesus asking the Samaritan woman for...

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The Gift of Hope: Weekly Message for 03-08-2022

Dear Friends in Christ, Faith, Hope, and Love abide, these three… (1 Corinthians 13:13) In his Ballad of Reading Gaol,...

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In Step with the Season: Weekly Message for 03-01-2022

Dear Friends in Christ, An aphorism heard many years ago still sticks in the memory banks. “If everyone swept his...

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