“Ask a Priest: Is a General Confession Just for a Select Few?

Q: My questions regard a general confession. I have a friend who has been out of the Church for many years. He is having a very difficult time on all levels (spiritually, emotionally and physically). Because I care for him and want to see him better... [Read more...]

Spiritual Smoothie: God’s Vision of Marriage

Why is marriage a sacrament? In this video, Fr. Bartunek explains what exactly Jesus accomplished when He made marriage a sacrament.  Read More →

“Ask a Priest: I’m Scared … Would the Church Welcome Me Back?”

Q: For my earlier life I was brought up in the Catholic Church. But eventually my parents moved away from religion, and I just stopped attending. This happened before confirmation. Now as an adult, for the past few years especially, I have felt something... [Read more...]

Spiritual Smoothie: How Can “Fear” Be a Holy Gift from God?

The gift of fear is much needed in our world today. Discover the misconceptions surrounding this gift and why our culture has lost its desire to attain it!  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Death Before Detours: The Martyrs’ Secrets

Do you need strength to do what is right and face the struggles of life? We all do! Fr. Bartunek shares insightful tips in today’s video that will help you attain the supernatural strength you need in our world.  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Do You Think Like a Christian?

One of the central tasks of every Christian is the renewal of our minds. We should strive to see the world and ourselves through the eyes of God. But, how do we do that? Fr. Bartunek explains in this exceptional video!  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Secret Weapons for the Battles of Daily Life

Even the Catechism of the Catholic Church acknowledges that all of human life is spent in a battle between good and evil. How can we choose good and win the battle?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Keeping Mom’s Picture Close at Hand

How can we bring Marian devotion into our daily lives? Fr. Bartunek offers suggestions that we all can use to help us encounter Mary as Our Mother.  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Rejoicing God’s Heart

We have the power to delight the heart of God and give Him the satisfaction of our love. Fr. Bartunek explains how…  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: The Christian Difference

God opens Himself to us and invites us to enter into His heart. God longs to enter into a personal relationship with us. Have you entered in?  Read More →

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