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A Mother’s Tears: I just finished watching and listening to this mini retreat! It was a gift from God to relax and learn how to use my sufferings as part of God’s plan for the salvation and peace for all of us! I am now ready to celebrate Mass this evening with joy as I honor and pray at the feet of Jesus on the Cross! My heart is smiling! -EMD

I never cease to be AMAZED by the wisdom and perfection of God’s plan: the promises of the Old Testament fulfilled in the New, and the rewards of faith we are guaranteed through our humble devotion and willingness to trust, with or without immediate evidence of the fruits of that devotion and trust. Food for the Journey is the ultimate example of this. I have spent countless hours before the Eucharist in Adoration never even thinking of my practice in the context Fr. John explained it. I have received Communion so habitually (and I dare say, so routinely and robotically) at times without appreciation and gratitude. But, this Retreat Guide was such an awakening! As I sat very close to the altar this past Sunday as a lector, I just stared at the priest as he held up the Eucharist with such passionate love and reverence and it brought me to tears! Thank you so much for reminding me of the gift of my faith! We are incredibly blessed to sit at the Lord’s table on a daily or weekly basis and not only be nourished physically but also spiritually. This Retreat Guide was the ultimate reminder that Christ is ALIVE in our lives. He aches to feed us! All we need to do is receive HIM and make ourselves evermore worthy to sit at his table. -C.

My husband and I take time out of our busy lives of raising our six children and reflect on these thought-provoking meditations during our prayer time together. We haven’t found one yet that we found boring! Keep up your hard work; many out there appreciate it more than you know. -MV

These Retreat Guides are so amazing and I love sharing them with the parishioners that don’t have internet and would not be able to see them otherwise. -DS

Just finished listening to your latest retreat Food for the Journey and have to once again say Thank You, Thank you, Thank you for providing us with such beautiful yet challenging retreats. They are as beautiful and gentle as The Lord himself. Well worth the price of a cup of coffee, which by the way only jump starts us physically, these retreats jump start our souls and nourish us spiritually. May God bless you always! I share them with others in my Bible study group. Keep them coming! -DR

Thank you for these wonderful Retreat Guides. My parish DRE is considering using the retreat on the Eucharist as part of the training for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and also for ongoing faith formation for teens/adults. These are remarkable videos. Again, thank you.-SG

Simple, Practical and Inspiring! God gives us ALL WE NEED to boldly live our mission of charity with confidence in his providence. COME HOLY SPIRIT! -LW

Thank you, so much, Fr. John! I’m just moved to tears. God loves us so much…. Jesus will meet us where we are at our journey. I look forward to the next Retreat Guides.-JCF

I truly love these Retreat Guides and have used them often. They bring me closer to Jesus by reminding me of ways I have slipped and haven’t paid attention to those slips. I try to do a daily Exam in the early morning (my quiet time). Thank you for this great program. -MB

Thank you Father John for the Retreat Guides. I have downloaded and read the retreat guide “Fire and Thorns”. It is easy to understand and very powerful. I appreciate the way you make it easy to use and understand. God bless you Fr. John. -JD

The “Strength of Thousands” Retreat Guide was a great reminder to me that God works in miraculous ways and in His own perfect timing. I wasn’t confirmed in my teens but somehow felt called to get confirmed on my own accord as an adult, living and working in a fast-paced secular city. It was basically of my own “free will” but it was clear that He was asking this of me. Now, here I am, many years later finally finding my true “mission” and my more intentional and adult choice of confirmation makes perfect sense to me. I might have dismissed confirmation as a teen as one of “those things” my catholic parents demanded as a rite of passage but in choosing it, I felt God was empowering me to see the trajectory of my adult life…all my experiences, skills and passions…as gifts granted by Him, intended to be used to advance His Kingdom. So, thank you Fr. John for shedding light (once again!) on this important sacrament and please watch this RG with your children who are approaching confirmation without any idea why they are doing it. They DO have a mission and the closer they are to God, the sooner, more apparent and exciting this mission will be. Adult converts and non-confirmed, WELCOME this sacrament and embrace it as a call to live your life more fully and with greater fulfillment. For those who WERE confirmed but have lost their appreciation of the faith, dust off the cobwebs and allow Fr. John to reinvigorate your fervor. Confirmation is a “Yes!” to God and the faith. This “Yes!” will invite in graces that you wouldn’t believe… -PRD

Thank you for your latest Retreat Guide. I really enjoy the Retreat Guides, the messages in them and I always feel I come away from listening to them with a greater depth of understanding, knowledge, strength, faith, you name it. I also love the scenery and backdrops and background music you choose. I have put others in touch with your guides and website. -AM

Thank you, Father, for these Retreat Guides! I look forward to each and every one of them … and can’t wait for the new one to come out! I have prayed some of them twice, and as I reflect on them, something new always seems to jump out that I missed the first time praying them! Thank you for your insights and God Bless you for doing these Retreat Guides! Happy Pentecost! –PMCP

The Tomb and the Pearl: So powerful and transforming. Everyone should watch this retreat!! Please do… –PD

The Tomb and the Pearl: Thank you Father John for the newest Retreat Guide. I can’t say enough of how grateful I am for how your writings and talks have helped me spiritually. Thanks Father and Happy Easter! -EH

The Tomb and the Pearl: God calls us each into a relationship in which I am learning as a student at Avila and in my personal walk with God. He knows his sheep and the sheep know the shepherd’s voice as he laid down his life for his sheep. I am finding as this world does not make sense I find God does make sense and all the more I just want to be with him. I see the Lord is asking me too to give up everything that is weighing me down from loving God. Thank you Father for such an insightful conference and explaining the four last things. God bless and Happy Easter! -PB

Trouble with Trust: Thank you Father for showing the depth of original sin in the first meditation by explaining how it set everything in chaos and how God gives us free will to choose to love him or not. The second meditation shows so much of Jesus’ willingness to suffer for us sinners. I am grateful to have this second meditation to reflect on Christ’s commitment to his Father’s will and the salvation for all of us by his immense suffering and passion. The conference has some great tools. Thank you for sharing profound insights. -PB

As a deacon in a parish where we share a priest with two other parishes your retreats have been a gift. I use them in small group-sharing and those who attend are grateful for your resources. We usually finish our evening with the Way of the Cross, the Rosary or Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Again thank you and God bless you. -FM

Thank you for the wonderful retreats you have created for us. I am a Canadian priest and I have used two of them with a small group of parishioners. Through these videos we have received many graces and blessings as a parish. With prayers of gratitude, Fr.GD

This is an incredible assist in my desire to understand and grow in the Lord. That you for making it available. It is a pure gift. -NM

I will put into practice the tools you have provided in the Trouble with Trust Retreat Guide to make this the best Lent ever. -RL

Thank you for these beautiful retreats! As I am away from my RC family, they are my lifeline! They are so professionally done. -TB

Thank you to RC Spirituality for the gift of these small retreats online. I “stumbled across” your website through RC Spiritual Direction and already have “consumed” two of your retreats so far and cannot wait to share. -DR

I just did the retreat on Trust (Trouble with Trust) and loved it! I printed this one off and took it to the Adoration Chapel – beautiful! [My husband] and I together did the Marriage one (Three Hearts) and loved that one as well. Thank you so much for this – it is such a beautiful tool. God Bless you for doing this! -RC

It’s so meaningful for this Lent. Thank you Father John and thank you to the team involved in this Lenten Retreat Guide – Trouble with Trust. –TB

My husband and I did the Three Hearts retreat. It was excellent. We very much enjoyed it, even after many marriage retreats, this one sparked great discussion. Thank you for all your work. We are passing on the message and encouraging other couples to participate in the retreat. –JS

I can’t stress enough how important this Retreat Guide Three Hearts is for me. It’s fantastic! -BT

This is fantastic. The healing that could be happening in our society if these distinctions were known. -KL (feedback for The Anatomy of Temptation Conference: “Learning from the Saints”)

The Anatomy of Temptation – excellent retreat!!! Thank you Fr. Bartunek for making these retreats available online.” -DW

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