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Today’s secular world throws curve balls at us all the time. AskACatholicPriest is a Q&A feature that anyone can use. Just type in your question or send an email to and you will get a personal response back from one of our priests at RCSpirituality. You can ask about anything – liturgy, prayer, moral questions, current events… Our goal is simply to provide a trustworthy forum for dependable Catholic guidance and information. So go ahead and ask your question…

“Ask a Priest: Are Pants Appropriate for Women?”

Q: Could you please clarify the Church’s guidelines on modesty for women? I’ve read several sites that state women cannot wear pants, shirts lower than the two fingers below the pit of the throat, or sleeves above the elbow, but I was not sure if this was an actual teaching. Also, I do rowing, a sport which requires... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: Why Aren’t Vasectomy Reversals Required?”

Q: My husband had a vasectomy 27 years ago. We have both confessed the sin, but I struggle with intimacy — I think maybe due to the sin. I understand the Church says he does not need to undergo a reversal. Why not!? It seems to me that the condition of a firm purpose of amendment isn’t satisfied. This leads me to... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: Is There a Chance for Me, a Lukewarm Catholic?”

Q: My mother passed away when I was very young, and my father’s faith is not non-existent but I wouldn’t call him a practicing Catholic. There were years when we didn’t go to Mass at all. Now, my aunt, God bless her, takes us to Saturday evening Mass every week. It’s an incredible blessing. However, I... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: Should Extraordinary Ministers Stand Behind the Priest at the Consecration?”

Q: I’m an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion who is uncomfortable with what I might be asked to do the next time I’m to serve. A friend said that before the processional in the Mass she was to serve in, the ministers were asked for one of them to stand behind our priest as he said the words of consecration,... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: May I Stop Medication for My Dad Who Suffers from Alzheimer’s?”

Q: My father, whom I love greatly, is suffering Alzheimer’s and being kept alive by the medication I give him daily. Day by day he is not himself and mentally slipping further away. My question is, would it be kinder for me to stop giving him his medication and let him pass on via a heart attack? Or to watch as he slips... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: Did Jesus Ever Get Annoyed at Mary?”

Q: I was wondering if Jesus, when he was a teen/young adult, would ever get angry or annoyed with his mother, Mary? -N.K. Answered by Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC A: First, it is worth recalling that Jesus had no sin. “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who has similarly been... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: How Should I Think of Underage Drinking on Campus?”

Q: In America, the drinking age is 21, which on university campuses is basically a joke. Alcohol is in abundance wherever I go, but I have continued sobriety because I want to obey the law. The Bible says to follow the laws of the land because they come from Him. I am torn on this issue; the Bible does not admonish against alcohol,... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: Is There Evidence of an Afterlife?”

Q: I was wondering if there’s any evidence of an afterlife. I believe in the presence of a God, but I don’t know if we live on after death. I hope someone can make this clear to me. Thanks. -J.A. Answered by Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC A: While anecdotes abound about near-death, out-of-body experiences, there is no... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: What’s a Single Person to Do?”

Q: It seems as though the Catholic Church places heavy emphasis on marriage. Although I feel called to marriage, I am not married at this time. This is not due to a lack of effort and prayer on my part. As a single Catholic, is there any value to my existence as far as the Church is concerned? If the answer is yes, then why... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: Do You Tell a 13-Year-Old His Sister Is Living With Someone?”

Q: My 23-year-old daughter is engaged to be married and recently moved in with her fiancé. I have not told my son about her decision. She has asked if my son can visit her at her home and I have denied her request. I am ashamed of her even though she said she will remain pure until her wedding day. What do I do about my son?... Get the Answer!

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