“Ask a Priest: Could My Priest Celebrate a Mass Intention for Himself?”

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Q: I recently read that it’s good to have a Mass said for your priest. How would this be done? I can’t imagine my priest could pray the Mass for himself. Do I have to go to another church? Also, if a Mass is prayed for a “special intention,” does one need to make known what the intention is? We have this often in our parish. – E.H.

Answered by Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC

A: It’s nice of you to be thinking of the well-being of your priest.

You can simply ask your parish or any parish or congregation of religious priests to celebrate a Mass for the intention of the priest you have in mind. There might be a simple form to fill out. It is customary to offer a stipend with the request.

It doesn’t matter who celebrates the Mass — it could be the priest himself. In fact, the Roman Missal has a special Mass for priests who offer the Eucharistic celebration for themselves.

If you don’t want to mention the priest by name, you could just ask for a “special intention” and leave it at that. God knows what you have in mind.

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  1. This is a question I puzzled over ‘with regards my self’ . . . no, I am not a religious (ie: not a nun or sister)

    But, in my younger adolescent and young adult years, while praying WITH others for general intercessions and prayers for parents generally, the bulk of my private prayer (shy person I am or perhaps just quiet . . . maybe ‘timid’ a bit) I would pray to God to ‘succeed’ in my work a day life, as a single female sharing home with parents. (not necessarily monetary success but just the success of acceptance in whatever firm employed me and that I could remain a good enough time.) . . . IN A WAY, correct me Father if its a wrong thought, but in praying I remain employed in any business (by my good work effort) . . . it was a prayer OF LOVE for the parents who raised me up. My success was their success IN AND THROUGH GOD with us both and so . . . I suppose my prayer was a prayer for blessings to come to my GOOD PARENTS as well as for myself. (if not saying it specifically in exact words) GOD UNDERSTANDS THE LOVE at the heart of my prayer. (correct?)

    Back to the original question: I would think a priest, also human as the parishioners he ministers to, can say silent prayers in the Mass he offers for his success in the ministry to others. Offering the Mass sacrifice for himself and other priests out loud, ‘in and through Christ’ who is the one offering the Mass, with such words ‘for the holy priesthood and future vocations’.’ BUT, yes… I guess it would look ‘odd’ if the priest offering a Mass intention given to himself, spoke this Mass is for (stating his name) SO, I SUPPOSE it is best to have Masses said in another parish, maybe an entirely different state or another part of the state, or by Mission priests… but I guess it is ok to send a priest the Mass card of this intention… CORRECT?

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