Day 21 – Advent with the Saints

Interior Order:
How Do I Keep Balance In Such A Frenetic World?

In today’s digital world, we are inundated with a wealth of information and images. In fact, as part of this Advent series, we have offered audio reflections to help lift our hearts to God. All these things are good, but sometimes we can let the exterior world invade our interior life.

If you are finding yourself without interior peace at the moment, you may need to take a look at the focal point of your life. Are you grounded in Christ? Or are you running helter-skelter, disjointed and frazzled?

In today’s audio reflection from “Advent with the Saints,” we are reminded that as Christians we need to come back to Christ as the center. Christ, and his plan for your life, is what puts your life in perspective and keeps all things in order. 

 Today’s Saint – St. Nemesius

Our Saint of the Day is St. Nemesius.  Listen to Uncle Eddy as he invites us to use this saint’s example to inspire us to live our best life in Christ!


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