Nine Days with Mary Magdalene

Nine Days with Mary Magdalene is a meditation novena.  Each day of the novena will include an image, a short reflection on the life of Mary Magdalene and a concluding prayer.  Written by Jennifer Ristine, CRC and illustrated by Danielle Storey, this Novena will take you to Magdala to experience the power of healing and forgiveness firsthand.

Experience the gift of allowing Mary Magdalene to accompany you in your journey of faith.

See each day’s reflection by clicking on the day below.

Introduction (July 12)

Day 1 (July 13):  Created in God’s Image

Day 2 (July 14):  The Call to Repentance

Day 3 (July 15):  Called to God’s Kingdom

Day 4 (July 16):  Following Jesus

Day 5 (July 17):  Walking with Jesus

Day 6 (July 18):  Steadfast at the Cross

Day 7 (July 19):  The Sabbath Wait and Empty Tomb

Day 8 (July 20):  Revelation of the Risen Lord

Day 9 (July 21):  I Have Seen the Lord

Conclusion (July 22)

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