Called and Chosen: A Retreat Guide on Vocation and the Calling of St. Matthew

Presented by Fr. John Bartunek, LC, SThD

Not sure how to use this retreat guide?

Many people nowadays talk about a shortage of priests and dwindling numbers of consecrated men and women.

Does this mean that God has stopped calling young men and women to serve him and his Church with the total gift of self?

Certainly not.

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  1. Thanks Cheryl. Yes, you can either purchase the companion guide as a booklet by going to our “Retreat Guides Booklet” section under “Books” tab or simply view or download the PDF. You will see the PDF tab option just above the intro video. Enjoy! God bless

  2. I have been discerning the strong call to religious life for the past few months after pushing it away some time ago. And I am thankful to have come across this Retreat Guide on Vocations. The one part that stuck out to me was “..The vocation to a particular state of life; or the vocation to put our talents at the service of the Kingdom in a particular way–every subsequent call from God in our lives is like a new creation, a new beginning, a new chapter in the adventure of our lives.” As Fr. John says in the vidoe it has been exciting and confusing but moreover for me humbling to have received this call more then once in my life and it took the second time for me to respond. I particularly found helpful the part on the 3 Vocations, State of life, and the 4 Steps to the Journey of Discernment. Thank You!

    1. Thank you, Katie for sharing this. We are glad that the resources at RCSpirituality are helping you in following God’s will. God bless.

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