Fire and Thorns: A Retreat Guide on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Pope Benedict XVI called devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus “irreplaceably important.” Pope Pius XI called it “the very epitome of our religion.” Why is this devotion so central? And if it is, how are we supposed to tap into it and live it to the full? That’s what this month’s Retreat Guide, Fire and Thorns: A Retreat Guide on the Sacred Heart of Jesus will explore.

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  1. Thank you for another beautiful “helping of soul food”!!! You are in my prayers that God will shower your work with His bounteous blessings! AMDG

  2. Loved this retreat, thank you so much! I really liked how it was set out in sections and I now have a deeper understanding of the Sacred Heart, And how to respond to Him that loves so much… God bless you🙏

  3. I have been spending time before the Bkessed Sacrament for years now due to the urging of a beautiful talk on prayer but I feel this has led me deeper into the heart of what I’m doing. You often ponder why sometimes are so silent and other times I’m overwhelmed by his presence . Thank you for this I know I didn’t stumble upon this by accident. I may be able to better explain why the hours of adoration are so important.

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