The Complete Christian: A Retreat Guide on the Calling of the Twelve Apostles

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A good motto is a rallying cry that motivates, focuses, and energizes. When a priest is named a bishop, he always chooses a motto to serve as a guide along the difficult path of his mission.

We all have a mission, and we all have tough stretches along the path of life. Why not choose a motto for our Christian journey?

In this month’s Retreat Guide, The Complete Christian: A Retreat Guide on the Calling of the Twelve Apostles, we would like to offer one, based on the three essential elements that Jesus reveals in that Gospel passage:

  • The first element is prayer – we’ll look at it in the first meditation.
  • The second element is fellowship – we’ll look at that in the second meditation.
  • And the third element, which we will examine in the conference, is apostolate, or apostolic action.

To pray, to love, to give. Not bad for a motto. Though some would say that it sounds even better in Latin: orare, amare, dare.



Meditation 1


Meditation 2




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  1. All Catholics should hear this retreat material. It’s what I consider critical points for a disciple of Our Lord. Practical Theology is what I would call it. We all need that spiritual nourishment, that spiritual conditioning to be who God created us to be. Thank you Father. God Bless you.

  2. Every day is a learning opportunity. Thank you father Bartek for this retreat. I have been searching and waiting to know really how to pray and what to pray, this 1st Meditation Retreat about Prayer has given me clear answer of what to do, to have a deep relationship with Jesus, our Lord, to be His companion. In order for me to do that is to be in constant communication with Him. Thank you very much this will help me and my family to have a deeper relationship with God.

  3. Well done, as usual. I didn’t compare timing on the creation of these retreat talks, but I found the ones (the Conference talks) of the Prodigal Son and Annunciation retreats to be more practical, easier explained, and for people of deep faith, expressions of what they are feeling.

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