The One Thing Needed: A Retreat Guide on Martha and Mary

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Today’s world offers us so much!  Wherever we go, products and possibilities battle raucously for our attention and our commitment.  Visual noise, mind noise, noise noise… Amidst all the noise, how can we focus on what really matters?

In this Retreat Guide, One Thing Needed: A Retreat Guide on Martha and Mary, that’s what we will reflect on.

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  1. I am most grateful for being able to experience this retreat. I am a Martha and I’ve learned a lot and it made me think how as a child my family did observe Sunday as a day or rest and relaxation. Thank you.

  2. Exactly what I needed at this moment in my life! Thank you so much Fr John. You truly are a blessing to the church and a channel of God’s grace.

  3. The transformation the Lord I doing in my life specially when I like Mary, spend time with him in mental prayer, is amazing. Particularly healing me from being so prone to resentment and my difficulty to forgive quickly. So, undoubtedly I’m looking to be in Mary’s mode more often allowing the healing and transformation to continue. Thanks so much Fe Bartunek for such an enlightening retreat!
    God bless!

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