Welcoming the Word: A Retreat Guide on the Annunciation

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God never stops thinking of us – he never stops reaching out to us, wanting to give us grace, light, and wisdom. The problem is that we aren’t always good listeners!

This month’s Retreat Guide, Welcoming the Word: A Retreat Guide on the Annunciation, will delve into both of those truths. It ponders the amazing fact that God never stops thinking of us. It uncovers three attitudes that made the Blessed Virgin Mary one of the Bible’s greatest listeners – three attitudes that we can all develop. And it highlights five common messengers that God uses to send us his words.

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  1. Hi again, Father! I’m on my second retreat with you now. This one started off with a Bang! It’s so good to hear a priest of God tell me that the Lord is always “thinking about us and desiring us”. I needed to hear that. What I like about these video meditations and conferences is that you don’t want me to be a passive partaker. No, you’ve organized this in such a way that I’m to be actively following you, praying with you, learning from you. I laughed hard at your example of the proud person’s reaction to the Angel Gabriel. So, our Lady knew how to “marvel at AMAZING things”, did she? (You make me want to understand Her better.) Thank you for the various landscapes, the beautiful paintings, and the Donatello relief. I’m pretty much “home ridden”, so I appreciate seeing these works of art, and realize for myself, a visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts ain’t such a bad idea. And your peaceful hawk story really touched my heart. Muchos Gratias! Kelly

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