“Ask a Priest: Is It OK to Date Someone Who Is Cohabitating?”

Q: I know this woman who does not believe in the sacrament of marriage. Her culture believes that living together is like being married. She has been living with a boyfriend for quite a while. Recently, she has shown a strong interest in me. I am Catholic... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Single at 44 – Have I Missed the Boat?”

Q:  I am a single, Catholic, 44-year-old female. I have never been married and do not have children. I spent the better part of my life being overweight and as a result was seldom asked out. During the past two years with the help of a dietician I... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Should I Date Someone Who Backs Same-Sex “Marriage”?

Q: I’ve been friends with this guy for almost a year, and we recently decided that we should go on a date. We’re both Catholic, but he doesn’t agree with the Church’s teaching on gay marriage. I’m trying not to overthink,... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Is It OK to Date a Muslim?”

Q: Should a practicing Catholic have even one date, knowing the fellow is Muslim? I feel it is as bad as dating a man knowing he is married. Thank you! I want to instruct a relative. – M. Answered by Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC A: Ideally the purpose... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Am I Wrong If I Find It Tough to Date Someone Who Isn’t a Virgin?”

Q: I am a young Catholic woman. I’ve always tried my best to stay as chaste as possible and have not had any kind of sexual relations. When looking for a future husband, I’ve always wanted someone who hasn’t done anything sexual —... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Should My Boyfriend and I Take Apartments in the Same Building?”

Q: I have just graduated college and moved away from home for my first full-time job. My boyfriend of four years has transferred his job to the same area in order for us to stay together. He and I have found separate apartments in the same building.... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: What Signs of Affection Are OK When Dating?”

Q: I am from a country where we have our parents arrange marriage for us. But some families do allow a girl and boy who fell in love to get married before a marriage was fixed for them. In my country falling in love with more than one person is considered... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Should an Asperger’s Sufferer Forgo Having Children?”

Q: I have a rather complex question. I have Asperger syndrome, a mild form of autism which manifests itself in social anxiety. Luckily, this is the only side effect of my condition as I have a job, drive a car and enjoy a relatively normal and balanced... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Is it OK to Enter a Civil Marriage First?”

Q: My fiancé and I are planning on getting married and I would like it to be in the Church. My fiancé is in the military and is Christian. He is going to contact the Catholic priest on his Army base to ask about the RCIA process because he wants to... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Why Aren’t Vasectomy Reversals Required?”

Q: My husband had a vasectomy 27 years ago. We have both confessed the sin, but I struggle with intimacy — I think maybe due to the sin. I understand the Church says he does not need to undergo a reversal. Why not!? It seems to me that the condition... [Read more...]

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