Spiritual Smoothie: The Real Original Sin

Many people misunderstand what the real original sin was and how it impacted our relationship with God. Fr. Bartunek clarifies in today’s Spiritual Smoothie.  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Why Does God Allow Trials?

Why was the devil allowed to tempt Adam and Eve? Is there a reason behind the trials we face? Answers to some of the most common questions people ask about the faith in today’s Spiritual Smoothie.  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Is God Trustworthy?

Creation is good and has a purpose. Fr. Bartunek explains more about how this knowledge can lead us to trust God more.  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: The Journey To Trusting God Begins Here

Find out about the infused virtues that we all received at Baptism. Do you put them to good use in your life?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Why Marriage is a Unique Sacrament

The Sacrament of Marriage is different from Baptism or the Eucharist. The reasons why will lead you to a deeper understanding of what marriage really is intended to be.  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: God’s Vision of Marriage

Why is marriage a sacrament? In this video, Fr. Bartunek explains what exactly Jesus accomplished when He made marriage a sacrament.  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: How Can “Fear” Be a Holy Gift from God?

The gift of fear is much needed in our world today. Discover the misconceptions surrounding this gift and why our culture has lost its desire to attain it!  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Death Before Detours: The Martyrs’ Secrets

Do you need strength to do what is right and face the struggles of life? We all do! Fr. Bartunek shares insightful tips in today’s video that will help you attain the supernatural strength you need in our world.  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Do You Think Like a Christian?

One of the central tasks of every Christian is the renewal of our minds. We should strive to see the world and ourselves through the eyes of God. But, how do we do that? Fr. Bartunek explains in this exceptional video!  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Secret Weapons for the Battles of Daily Life

Even the Catechism of the Catholic Church acknowledges that all of human life is spent in a battle between good and evil. How can we choose good and win the battle?  Read More →

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