“Ask a Priest: What If I Sincerely Disagree With Key Church Teachings?”

Q: I’ve been drawn to the Catholic faith for as long as I can remember, but have never taken any steps to convert because of some of the things I’d heard about the Church. Now, many of these things I’ve been able to address through... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Is It OK to Read Stephen King Novels?”

Q: Just wondering if it is advisable to read any books by author and writer Stephen King! My college-age daughter came home this weekend with a book by him, and I seem to recall that it’s not good to read his books. Thank you for your assistance.... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: What Is an Atheist to Think in the Face of Evil?”

Q: I have to say up front that I’m an atheist. I’ve tried having conversations about faith with quite a few Christians who got very emotional and angry with me, and I don’t want that. So I ask that you bear with me, and keep in mind... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Can I Be Friends With Someone With Different Political Views?”

Q: Can a Catholic be friends with someone who believes and supports people and things that are contrary to the faith? I am a student at a community college, and I had a professor and adviser who was like my only support at the school. She was kind and... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: What If My Daughter Insists She Is Male?”

Q: My heart is shredded. My beautiful daughter is insisting that she is really a boy. I know this is biologically impossible. I also know that there are solid psychosocial reasons for her ideas, based on severe issues with her father (my ex-husband)... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: What If My Girlfriend Is Pro-“Gay Marriage” and I’m Not?”

Q: I have been giving a lot of thought to marrying my girlfriend of five years. But recently we have been arguing about a very personal topic: gay marriage and homosexual attractions (LGBT attractions to be more precise, but I am just saying homosexual... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Was It OK That I Assisted at an Abortion for a Zika Sufferer?”

Q: I work as an anesthesia provider. Recently a woman and her husband had traveled overseas and she unknowingly contracted the Zika virus. A few months later she conceived a child. The child had severe anencephaly (no brain). They desired an abortion... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: What to Do About Wayward Relatives?”

Q: How do you know when a person is full of evil? How do you protect those around you from this evil, especially in your family? For example, I have a family member who is an atheist and is extremely materialistic. What do you do with someone who has... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Could the Old Testament Be Wrong About Homosexuality?”

Q: I’ve recently been struggling with the idea of homosexuality being a sin, and I was wondering if you could enlighten me on the reasons behind the argument of whether or not homosexuality is indeed sinful. I know that the main biblical verses... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: What If My Friends Are Having Sex and I Feel Inexperienced?”

Q: I am 18 and attend a Catholic high school and have a boyfriend whom I have been dating for almost a year. I would say that I am pretty religious, but am struggling with my purity and keeping my virginity. Occasionally when I am with my boyfriend,... [Read more...]

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