Teacher and Lord: A Lenten Retreat Guide on the Last Supper

During the first centuries of Christianity, the forty days leading up to Holy Week took on a special significance. Those forty days are called Lent, a name taken from the Old English word meaning “spring.” The liturgical season of Lent is meant to be a time of spiritual spring-training, so to speak: six weeks during which we pay particular attention to prayer, penance, and works of mercy in order to prepare for Holy Week. The more deeply we live Lent, the more abundantly we will be able to receive the spiritual renewal that God wants to give us during the holiest days of the liturgical year.

This Retreat Guide on the Last Supper, Teacher and Lord, will help make that happen.

  • The First Meditation takes us into what was going on in Christ’s own heart during his last meal with his closest followers.
  • The Second Meditation highlights the three precious gifts that Jesus left his Church during the Last Supper, and the hopes he had for how those gifts can transform our lives.
  • And the Conference provides practical tips for how we can deepen our friendship with Christ through the words we use.

The Personal Questionnaire/Group discussion questions are available in the Companion Guide Book or Small Group Companion Guide. Either download the PDF Companion Guide Book or purchase it. The Companion Guide Book is available for purchase in Kindle or Paperback from Amazon. Pause the video at any moment to go to the Companion Guide Book or continue to the next meditation.

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