The Complete Christian
A Retreat Guide on the Calling of the Twelve Apostles

A good motto is a rallying cry that motivates, focuses, and energizes. When a priest is named a bishop, he always chooses a motto to serve as a guide along the difficult path of his mission.

We all have a mission, and we all have tough stretches along the path of life. Why not choose a motto for our Christian journey?

In this month’s Retreat Guide, The Complete Christian: A Retreat Guide on the Calling of the Twelve Apostles, we would like to offer one, based on the three essential elements that Jesus reveals in that Gospel passage:

  • The first element is prayer – we’ll look at it in the first meditation.
  • The second element is fellowship – we’ll look at that in the second meditation.
  • And the third element, which we will examine in the conference, is apostolate, or apostolic action.

To pray, to love, to give. Not bad for a motto. Though some would say that it sounds even better in Latin: orare, amare, dare.

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Meditation 1
Meditation 2