St Ultan

Bishop of Ardbraccan, Ireland (entered heaven in 657)

Dear Ulilah,

Here we go again.  Only a couple weeks into it and you’re already complaining about being “too busy.”  What a useless complaint.  Either you have taken on too many commitments (in which case you should prioritize them according to your personal goals and excise the less relevant ones), or you are being lazy (spending too much time shooting pool in the student center when you should be studying or working), or you are unorganized (not planning in advance how you will spend your week, how you will approach each class, setting short term goals for all your responsibilities), or you are being unrealistic (consciously spreading yourself thin because you think it’s worth it, but wanting to feel as if you weren’t spread thin).  Be humble, be honest: which one is it?  OK, now make the adjustment.  Just do it; no more whining.  I will give you prayer support.

Ask St Ultan’s intercession too.  This bishop knew how to spin plenty of plates.  In addition to his exemplary virtue, eloquent preaching and writing, and particular care for orphans and sick children, there is a curious anecdote that you may find instructive (or, at least, entertaining).  One day Ultan was feeding children with his right hand when a desperate messenger arrived begging him to come and defend his people against a wave of invading Norse pirates.  Instead of leaving his young charges behind, he simply lifted his left hand and invoked the Lord’s assistance.  At that, the marauders departed.

There you have it: if your first concern is serving Christ, everything else will fall into place.

Punctually yours,

Uncle Eddy

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