A Season of Superabundance: Weekly Message for 12-15-2020

Dear Digital Pilgrims in Christ,

Scenes of a deserted St. Peter’s Square during Holy Week and Easter will sadly be repeated once again. This Christmas and New Year, Pope Francis will preside over ceremonies with few pilgrims, offering the traditional Urbi et Orbi blessing virtually due to covid concerns. As similar adaptions occur in parishes worldwide, we could be tempted to lament, be disheartened by what is different and surreal. We may even feel overcome by a sense of loss or separation from loved ones. 

Yet the season of Advent is one of superabundance!!! 

If anything, the climate and circumstances surrounding us give us a renewed awareness of all that we do have and the desire for living life to the full. We realize how much we need each other and acknowledge just how much we may have taken for granted. 

That is why we are offering encouragement and accompaniment through the “Advent with the Saints” daily audio reflections which look to our older brothers and sisters in the faith who have shown us the way.

So how do we encounter the superabundance of the season amidst a loss and change?

We are living an Advent season experiencing our real need for God’s closeness, his grace, and his mercy. God wants to draw close to us, coming down to dwell in our midst, not imposing Himself, but waiting for us to invite Him into our lives. 

Living in hope

As Christians, we know we are never alone. Through prayer, we allow God (and the Church) to be close to us, alleviating us from our solitude and giving us hope. Prayer is vital for life: just as we cannot live without breathing, so we cannot be Christians without praying. To pray is to lift our gaze to higher things and be attuned to the Lord, trusting in his ways.  

This Advent, we are reminded in a particular way to recite the traditional “Come, Lord Jesus” (Maranatha) prayer. Come, Lord Jesus, to show us how to live with peace, joy, and hope amidst the challenges of our time.  

The watchfulness of charity

To prepare for his coming is also done by looking to attend to those around us. Being compassionate, helping and serving others “are the only things that win us the victory, since they are already aiming towards the future, the day of the Lord, when all else will pass away and love alone will remain.” “It is by works of mercy that we draw close to the Lord.” – Pope Francis

We are reminded as Christians to pray and to love: 

“Let us now call out to him. Come, Lord Jesus, we need you! Draw close to us. You are the light. Rouse us from the slumber of mediocrity; awaken us from the darkness of indifference. Come, Lord Jesus, take our distracted hearts and make them watchful. Awaken within us the desire to pray and the need to love.” – Pope Francis

Through faith, hope, and love, a superabundance of God’s grace is available to us to help open our hearts to the fullness of his presence. 

It is my sincere hope and prayer that the joy of knowing Jesus to be close, brings consolation, encouragement, and peace to you and your loved ones this Christmas. All of our services and products here at RCSpirituality.org are meant to remind you of God’s real presence and interest in your life and expand your experience of all that he wishes to give you. 

Thank you to all who have been supporting us this year, and for the past few years, with your prayers and donations. We are more convinced than ever that evangelizing the Digital Continent is a worthy enterprise. Still, we couldn’t do anything at all without your support.

From all of us at RCSpirituality.org, we will be remembering our digital pilgrims and missionaries in our prayers this Christmas in a particular way. 

Wishing you a very blessed and Merry Christmas!!!!

Yours sincerely in the baby Jesus,

God bless

In Christ,

Lucy Honner
RCSpirituality Center | Director

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One Comment
  1. TKC!

    Happy Advent Lucy and RC Spirituality team!

    We here In Calgary are truly appreciative of all your work to bring us so many incredible resources to aid us in our mission to love, gather, form, send and accompany! A gift that we continue to unwrap and discover daily!

    Be assured of our continued prayers as we journey through these crazy covid days! These are days of special opportunities and graces to strengthen our zeal and passion for souls!!

    May you experience the great peace and joy of our dear Christ child this holy season!!

    Merry CHRISTmas!!
    Mary Beth

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