God’s Presence Is Like the Snowfall: Weekly Message for 01-26-16

Dear Digital Pilgrims in Christ,

The seasons can surprise us by imposing unexpected quiet time, such as last week’s snow that shut down the D.C. area for the weekend. Did you notice how snow makes everything seem quieter? Walk outside in the midst of a heavy snowfall and notice the silence. The blanket of glistening white reminds us that silence can indeed be beautiful.

Last week I experienced another source of welcome silence: a two-day retreat for my community to prepare for renewal of our vows on February 2nd, the closing date of the Year of Consecrated Life, as well as the Feast of the Presentation. The retreat invited me to imitate Mary’s “listening heart” to discover how God is shaping my heart.  Through His grace, my surrender to His will, and the circumstances of daily life, God is working. In the deepest recesses of my heart, who am I before God, and who is God before me?

Like the snow, Lent is a beautiful season of silence and preparation that invites all of us to contemplate how God is working in our hearts. Through the liturgical seasons, the Church asks us to enter more deeply into the paschal mystery and discover who we are as followers of Christ. If we live Lent well, it can be a time to allow God to enter our hearts like never before.

In the life of prayer, silence is not beautiful for its own sake, but a condition to hear God’s loving voice. Christian meditation builds upon God’s word and invites us to channel our imagination to contemplate realities that cannot be seen, including God’s work in our hearts.

A Retreat Guide builds upon silence by helping you to reflect upon God’s word, imitating Mary’s “listening heart.” Through beautiful art, a Retreat Guide also helps to channel your imagination to contemplate the unseen reality of God’s work in our lives. The Retreat Guides “Trouble With Trust,” “A Widow’s Might,” and “The Colors of the Cross” all address themes that are timely for Lent. Coming soon is our newest Lenten Retreat Guide, “A Father of Mercies – A Lenten Retreat Guide on the Prodigal Son.”

Your Lenten journey can be even more rewarding with companions along the way. Here are some creative ways people have shared Retreat Guides with family and friends:

• Use the Retreat Guides or Spiritual Smoothies to gather the family for evening prayer.
• Invite co-workers to view a Retreat Guide during lunch break once a week during Lent.
• Invite guests for dinner and discussion using a Retreat Guide as a starting point.

Wherever you may be, whether in snow or sun, I’m offering up prayers for you, that this will be your best Lent ever!

God bless,

Lucy Honner
Director, RCSpirituality.org

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