How to Recognize God’s voice: Weekly Message for 04-23-2024

Dear Friends,

In this past Sundays’ Gospel, Jesus proclaims, “I am the good shepherd, and I know mine and mine know me,” assuring us that his sheep can recognize his voice and follow him.

Yet, if there was a “most frequently asked question for spiritual directors,” it would probably be, “How do you learn to hear the Lord’s voice?

St John of the Cross give us sound counsel in this regard. “Be attentive to your reason in order to do what it tells you concerning the way to God” (SLL.44). And in situations of great resistance to God’s will, when our fallen human nature can easily look for a way out of it, St John assures us that a voice deep within will speak truth. “We experience God’s presence as a divine veto that nullifies our rationalizations so we may be instructed in the perfection of love” (The Ascent of Mt Carmel: Reflections, by Marc Foley OCD).

What a mercy! It is so easy for us to get off the narrow path and find ourselves caught in the brambles and thickets of our sinful tendencies. Our Savior truly seeks us out and rescues us. Always.

God alone can instruct you. You just have to give him the time, and enough silence to hear a voice which makes less sound than a ray of light on water” (Jacques Maritain).

May we become ever more familiar with his voice!

Yours in the heart of Christ,

Glory Darbellay

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