Letting Christ be My King: Weekly Message for 11-28-23

Dear Friends in Christ,

The feast we just celebrated of Christ the King is such an important feast for us members of Regnum Christi. Our mantra, “Christ Our King! Thy Kingdom Come!” is something we pray so often that we can take it for granted that everyone understands what we mean when we say it. This mantra that becomes our prayer is a desire of Christ’s heart that we make our own.

In this prayer we invoke His Kingdom in our lives, in the lives of others and in our world. It is to first pray that Jesus will be King of my heart and reign in my thoughts and actions. Then to pray that He will come and be King in others’ lives, those we know and those we do not know. That Jesus’ Kingdom will reign in this world is our prayer as well. May this King, whom I know and love, be known and loved by the world!

The best way to bring His Kingdom is to be His Kingdom. Be His! Belong to Him! It’s noticeable and it’s attractive. Striving to open our hearts more to His love and grace through prayer, the sacraments, and charity — this is our first apostolate. It is a testimony of who Jesus is when we choose to be His Kingdom.

All of this starts with an invitation, His invitation: Jesus invites me to let Him be my King. Being His, belonging to Him, is a free choice. I choose Him when I choose virtue over vice: repentance over despair, forgiveness over revenge, charity over selfishness. These free choices make us free and give witness to Christ’s Kingdom coming in my life. As we begin Advent, let’s open our hearts to the King who comes to us as an infant and invites us to be His.

Your Friend in Christ,

Nicole Buchholz

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