Stronger in the Broken Places: Weekly Message for 08-17-2021

Dear Friends,

In preparing to write this reflection, my mind kept going back to a story I read several years ago in a book written by Fr. Cleveland. The story was shared in a chapter entitled “Stronger in the Broken Pieces”. Hence, the title of this reflection. 

The story relates how a great British violinist was once invited to play a concert on a priceless 250 plus year old Stradivarius violin. If you are a classical music buff, this has already gotten your attention. Each Stradivarius violin is made of 80 pieces of specifically selected pine, boxwood, and ebony. It is covered with 30 types of special varnish. Each one created is unique and of great value. The famed violinist knew the treasure that was placed in his hands. He knew the hauntingly beautiful notes that come from a violin of this caliber. As he walked out on stage, he tripped on a cord and fell. The violin was broken in several pieces. WOW.

I can just imagine the shock that reverberated throughout the audience and the knot of despair in the pit of the stomach of the violinist. 

After painstaking work that happened over a period of two months, this same violinist was presented with the same violin. He doubted it could ever sound the same.  It didn’t. It was even better. The notes seem to hang in the air forever. No one could even see where the instrument had been repaired. This is the work of a master craftsman. 

Catholics are taught that each person is created by the ultimate ‘Master Craftsman’ in our mother’s womb and that each one of us is completely unique. We also know we are born into a broken world and trauma and suffering may shatter our families, our friendships and maybe even shake our faith. It is here we look to draw strength from the lives of the saints and our Blessed Mother. They too suffered at the hands of others, intentionally and unintentionally. 

Our Lady of Sorrows offers us an opportunity to meditate on the seven events in the life of the Blessed Mother where it seems like her heart is pierced and breaking into pieces just like the violin.  Each moment Mary entrusts her aching heart to God our Father and He repairs it in such a way it becomes stronger.  May we as well entrust our broken lives into the hands of the Master Craftsman trusting that He will not only heal our wounds but make us stronger.

Yours in the Heart of Jesus,


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  1. Thank you so much Donna. This is such a beautiful and hope-filled reflection. As we walk in faith and trip and get broken, we know God, the Master Craftsman, repairs and heals us so lovingly. Such a great reminder for us that He also does so for our erring but so beloved families.

  2. I love this! Offering up our suffering, rather than going it alone, really does make us better instruments at “carrying the sound” of Christ’s voice.

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