The Kingdom of my Heart: Weekly Message for 11-16-2021

Dear Friends,

This coming weekend culminates in the celebration of Christ the King.

This feast was instituted by Pope Pius Xl for the Roman Rite in 1925. The date was moved in 1970 by Pope Paul Vl to the Sunday before Advent.  It has commonly been celebrated by many Christian denominations. Jesus Christ is King. He is God Almighty, Lord of Lords, Sovereign God. He is also Prince of Peace, All-Merciful, and the King of Kings. Maybe like me, the Kingly title that appeals to your heart the most is different than these.  

In Matthew’s Gospel 28:18 we read, “Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” We can look at this text and sense the hidden power in the words. But in Paul’s letter to the Philippines 2:7, Paul writes, “but he emptied himself, taking the form of a servant.” In this verse, we may not sense the hidden power within them. 

What image comes to mind when we contemplate emptying ourselves? Which image immerges when we consider the God of the universe, arrayed in omnipotent power divesting himself of his royalty to come to earth in human likeness, clothed in a robe of humility, to save the souls of mankind?

Christ our King is a King of Humility. A humility that moves him to extend mercy to all who call upon him. A humility that confounds our human minds. Nothing draws the King to vacate his throne in heaven faster than a soul crying out in misery. In hunger or thirst, suffering or despair, poverty, loneliness, or remorse, we will encounter our King because he desires to be encountered. If we want to be like our King, the scripture tells us how. Clothe the naked, feed the hungry, forgive our brothers, respond in love to those who scorn us.

 Advent is coming. This is the time we set aside every year to prepare our hearts for the birth of our King. This year, let us decorate our hearts with acts of mercy towards our family, friends, and foes so that when the King of Humility seeks to enter the Kingdom of our hearts on Christmas, he will find it ready. 

Christ our King, Thy Kingdom Come!

Yours in the Heart of Jesus,


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