RCLIFE 102: Live the Mystery

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Live the Mystery: A Regnum Christi Identity Workshop brings together the presentations and materials of the Regnum Christi Formator’s Convention of September 2020 so that Regnum Christi members can ponder how the mystery of Christ made present through the RC charism transforms their lives and continues Christ’s mission through them. It is an opportunity to experience, discover, and more fully live the Mystery that we have been entrusted with through our charism and to interact in a creative virtual way with RC Leaders from around the territory. This shared charism and mission is what brings us together and enables us to more deeply discover it in ourselves when we see it lived in others.


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  1. Our team just finished the first talk of this conference and already, my heart is burning with the fire that once was there when I first joined Regnum Christi. Oh, how easily we forget the treasure that Jesus has invited us to – the community of believers, of those who are on the same spiritual pathway! My sisters in Christ lift me up with their words of wisdom, their charity, their lives of faith, their love of Jesus. To recall, after all these years, the moment when Christ spoke my name and asked me to join this movement… and to realize that He is present with us each and every Encounter, in a similar way for me as when He fed His apostles on the beach, and spoke to them together and each one, person-to-person; this was a re-defining moment. And we are only on the first talk! Thank you so much for your work to prepare “a place” for us to encounter our Lord together, and to help us to experience His great love. May God bless you and keep you. ~Your sister in Christ, Jen Kellar

  2. WOW! Our team was blown away by the talk by Fr. Heereman; never has Christ’s presence in my life, His thought of my presence in His, and the desire He has to meet others through and with me been so evident! The talk was on the “mystic” side of things, something we have not heard much before – especially as we have a tendency to go immediately to the “practical” side of how to live with and for Jesus… as if that can really be a thing?!! Anyway, thank you once again for this opportunity and for opening it up to the diaspora. What a gift. God bless you all.

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