Until Christ Be Formed in You: An RC Essay on our approach to Formation in the Movement

by Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC

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The story of formation in Regnum Christi is a critical one. After all, none of us is perfect. We all need formation. There’s a whole chapter about it in the RC Member Handbook (nn. 385 to 391), and numerous references throughout the entire text, such as these two numbers which give us the proper context for understanding the importance Regnum Christi places on formation:

356. In order to be able to offer an effective service to the Church, Regnum Christi knows that it must have well-formed members, motivated and trained to take on the great challenges of the apostolate in today’s world. This is an unavoidable demand since nothing can take the place of formation.

357. The formation the Movement offers its members seeks to be as well-rounded as possible, addressing their spiritual, intellectual, human, and apostolic preparation. This takes into account the need to prepare the person in all his dimensions so that God can forge him into a true apostle. Formation in Regnum Christi is formation for the mission.

It seems that three questions about formation in Regnum Christi have been adequately answered already: we know why we seek formation (for the mission), we know what kind of formation to seek (integral), and we know the tools at our disposition to form ourselves (cf. 388–390 RCMH).

 But there is another question that seems less adequately resolved: how do you form someone? When you are personally motivated, it’s simple enough for you to seek out formation and better yourself. But what do you do when you are in a position to help others, or when you are responsible for your own children or for the formation of students, employees, parish youth, or RC section members? When someone is lacking knowledge, will, drive, experience, passion—or even the desire to attain what they are lacking—how can we move them toward the fullness God wants for them? That how isn’t so clear.

In this Essay, Until Christ Be Formed in You, we will explore this how in three chapters: (1) How not to form someone, (2) How Jesus formed his disciples, and (3) Implications for Regnum Christi. By the end of this essay, you won’t have all the answers, but you’ll have a clearer picture about how to form someone.

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