“Ask a Priest: I’m Scared … Would the Church Welcome Me Back?”

Q: For my earlier life I was brought up in the Catholic Church. But eventually my parents moved away from religion, and I just stopped attending. This happened before confirmation. Now as an adult, for the past few years especially, I have felt something... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: What If My Husband Has Soured on Religion?”

Q:  I am having some issues in my marriage regarding my Catholic faith. I married someone who was brought up Methodist, but has been non-practicing for many years. Before we married, we discussed how important my faith is to me and that we would raise... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: I Have a Fine Family, a Good Job, But Feel Empty. What to Do?”

Q: I’m a lifelong Catholic, have a fine marriage, two great kids, a good job, and I live in relative comfort. I should be happy as a lark, but I’m miserable. It’s not that I want more money or more “things.” I’m not... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: When Is It OK to Fast?”

Q: Aside from times of the year when fasting is encouraged or required, when is it appropriate to fast? Also, are there any prayers for fasting? I haven’t had much luck finding any. Thank you! – J.R Answered by Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC A: Fasting... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Should I Cut Ties With Toxic Relatives?”

Q: I am newly married and expecting my first child, and I realized today that there are some people in my life who I don’t want influencing my kids or being in their life. They are toxic and have hurt me a lot throughout my life, but they are my... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: After the Music-and-Drug Scene, Is There Hope for Me?”

Q: I’ve been away from the Church for a few years. Until recently I was in a band, which was fun … lots of gigs around the country, etc. But I became involved in the drug scene, which seems to go hand in hand with the music scene here. I... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: A Cancer Patient Asks How to Pray”

Q: I am a Catholic from Ireland. Since being diagnosed with recurrent cancer in February 2016 my faith has gotten stronger. I have been told by the doctors that I have incurable cancer, but I believe that Jesus is in the process of healing me. I am... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: What If I Have Habitual Falls in the Area of Purity?”

Q: I am wondering what I should do about habitual sin. I have gone to confession and adoration and I do OK, but then I will fall again. Some of it is lust/sexual related, which is not easy. I’ve just been trying and attempting to fight it. I ask... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Could One Impure Thought Really Doom Us?”

Q: My question concerns Jesus’ warning that to look lustfully at a woman is already a form of adultery — an adultery of the heart. The problem with this is that we men, whether sexually active or not, have a libido, the existence of which... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: It’s Hard to Accept Jesus as Son of God. Am I Doomed?”

Q: I was raised Lutheran and have always believed in God. But in my heart I can’t absorb Jesus as his son and a deity, rather than a human prophet. It’s hard to call myself Christian — it’s also hard not to. Am I arrogant and... [Read more...]

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