River of Wisdom: A Retreat Guide on the Rosary

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If there existed a deep, rushing river whose waters gave eternal wisdom to anyone who drank them, wouldn’t you want to seek it out?

Well, such a river does exist: It’s called the Rosary, and it’s within arms’ reach of anyone.  But to drink of its waters, we have to discover its secrets: its connection to the Mother of God, and her connection to Christ.

This month’s Retreat Guide, River of Wisdom: A Retreat Guide on the Rosary, offers just such a discovery.

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  1. I would like to use this video for a group reflection. However, at a certain point, it stops and re-loads at an unacceptable rate. It destroys the flow of the presentation.

    Is there a way to download the retreat to my hard drive so it would play uninterruptedly?

    1. Yes, you can download any of the retreat guide videos. At the bottom right hand corner of each video is a sharing menu. You may select “download” to save the video to your computer for off-line viewing. You will need to save each of the videos separately. I hope that helps.

      God bless.

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