Unleashing the Power of Pentecost: A Retreat Guide on the Holy Spirit

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With Pentecost, a new liturgical season will begin. Every new liturgical season is a spiritual fresh start, a spiritual clean slate. God is already getting ready for it – preparing the graces he wants to give you and the work he wants you to accomplish for his Kingdom. Are you getting ready?

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  1. I’ve been receiving Spiritual Smoothies for some time & not paying much attention to them. Tonight I listened & was left hungry for more. The Smoothies connected me to the larger retreat guide, and one evening’svretreat lead not only to study but to a whole New direction in prayer & in life as well.

  2. I learnt thru all the videos. It truly renewed my senses and made me aware of the work of God/ spirit in me. All I had to do is spend more time in silence and listen and be alert. I learnt It also requires me to totally surrender to His will. Truly inspiring videos. A must listen in times of trials..

  3. Dear Father, Are you sure you’re not “spiking” these spiritual smoothies : ) ? When I view your Retreats, you somehow get me to do things I would not normally do, like getting me to pray for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. It’s as if I’m “under the influence”! Since your Retreats are making me into a better Christian, I am truly grateful. Thanks, and if you don’t mind, “I’ll take another” : ) Kelly

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