Who You Are: A Retreat Guide on the Sacrament of Baptism

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A deep crisis in our post-Christian culture is the loss of a sense of our identity, a kind of cultural and religious amnesia. To overcome that crisis, we need to rediscover the truth about who we are; we need to map our spiritual genome, so to speak. This Retreat Guide, Who You Are: A Retreat Guide on the Sacrament of Baptism, is a step in that direction, because in baptism we find the very DNA of our human and Christian identity.

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    1. Thanks Anoma. We are glad you are enjoying the resources from RCSpirituality. Once you have started to play each video, you will see a share option on the bottom right of the screen. When you click this, you will see the option to download the video. Enjoy!

  1. Deb, I tried but I still can’t download.I am able to download other Retreat Guides but not this one. I noticed a difference in this retreat, there is no bottom border with the options unlike other Retreats (occasionally the search button comes but cannot download) please advise thanks.
    God’s Blessings

    1. You are right. This one is a little different than the others. You should see the bottom border after you click the play button for each part of the retreat guide. Hopefully, that will work for you. God bless.

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