Unleashing the Power of Pentecost
A Retreat Guide on the Holy Spirit

With Pentecost, a new liturgical season will begin. Every new liturgical season is a spiritual fresh start, a spiritual clean slate. God is already getting ready for it – preparing the graces he wants to give you and the work he wants you to accomplish for his Kingdom. Are you getting ready?

This month’s Retreat Guide, Unleashing the Power of Pentecost: A Retreat Guide on the Holy Spirit, will help you do just that:

  • The First Meditation tours the gifts of the Holy Spirit that renew our mind in Christ.
  • The Second Meditation plugs you into the gifts of the Holy Spirit that strengthen and purify our interior freedom.
  • And the Conference gets practical, explaining four ways that each one of us can actively cooperate with the Holy Spirit on a day-to-day basis.

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First Meditation
Second Meditation