New Beginnings: Weekly Message for 04-27-2021

Dear Friends in Christ, 

I would like to formally introduce myself to you. My name is Donna Garrett. I am a married woman of 33 years with four grown children and three grandchildren.

I have been a part of the RCSpirituality family since the beginning. I have witnessed the incredible work that Lucy and her team have done in creating a digital evangelization platform that nurtures the spirit and faith of tens of thousands of people all over the world encouraging them along their journey to Christian maturity. 

I bring to this leadership position 30 years of experience in building small faith communities. I am a nurse by trade and a graduate of Divine Mercy University’s spiritual direction program. I hold a certificate in biblical studies and I have been an active member of Regnum Christi for more than two decades serving in both regional and national roles. I currently reside in Omaha, Nebraska with my husband Jeff, where together we coach both corporate and non-profit leadership teams to greater collaboration and higher performance.

I have shared the retreat guides, essays, and study circles with hundreds of people seeking to grow in the faith. I know the blessing they are and the opportunity they provide to help share the good news of Jesus Christ and His invitation to grow in discipleship 

I am honored and excited to continue the incredible work we are all accustomed to receiving! I am excited about expanding the reach of the products while inviting those who are working on the front lines of evangelization to embrace the formation pathway that enables men and women all over the world to grow in their faith. 

 When I look at the RCSpirituality Center, I see infinite possibilities! I see an amazing team of contributors and staff who are committed to taking the RCSpirituality Center to a new level while remaining dedicated to its current audience. I am forever grateful to my dear friend Lucy for saying “yes” to building something beautiful for Jesus! I am looking forward to her continued counsel and her contribution to the new advisory team of RCSpirituality. Please keep me in your prayers as I assuredly will be keeping you in mine. 

Yours in the Heart of Jesus, 

Donna Garrett

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  1. Donna—

    God has obviously paved this path for you. I am glad have accepted this calling to pick up where Lucy had taken us this far.

    Looking forward to the continuing mission of RC Spirituality. May God be with you.


    Leah Levy

  2. Thank you for the email and I just want to say that you are an inspiration to all of us. I have many cousins living in Omaha. God bless you and your ministry!

  3. Dear Donna!

    I loved getting to know Christ more deeply through your leadership and teaching us the Clifton Strengths recently.
    I also have a heart and love for RC Spirituality and have been leading these retreats for the last couple of years, inviting women to Encounter Christ through the beautifully and well-done retreats.
    Praying for you and the work you continue to do in building Christ’s Kingdom.


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