While We Were Sleeping: Weekly Message for 08-15-2023

Dear Friends,

We have all had songs get stuck in our minds and play over and over again. This summer, the song running on and on in my thoughts is titled “While you were Sleeping,” made popular by the group Casting Crowns. If you know the lyrics, you might wonder why I am thinking about an Advent/Christmas tune in August?  Hold on, the answer is coming…

The song’s opening recalls that Jesus was born in Bethlehem on a silent night when the majority of citizens were sleeping. There was no room for him, and though the heavens radiated with light pointing out his birth, few noticed. Fast forward 33 years and the King of the Universe is hanging on the cross, opening the gates of heaven to millions of souls. Jerusalem has no room for His Kingdom and most of its inhabitants are clueless about the astounding thing God is doing as they walk around with their eyes open but not really seeing.

This summer I viewed two movies that left me wondering, “How could this happen?” The first was Nefarious, a drama that showcased what can happen when a human being surrenders their free will, and makes a pact with the devil. My mind grappled over and over with the question, “Does this really happen? Who would do that?” The point I wish to make for this letter is that it happens gradually, often right under the nose of family and friends as the person continues to distance themselves from God, making one concession here, accepting a little evil there and eventually welcoming the power of the devil.

The second film was The Sound of Freedom. This is where the ear worm got stuck on replay. I sat there stunned at the reality of this incredible evil in our world. I asked myself over and over, how can that many children go missing and the world just keeps moving onward without missing a step? They are children, God’s children. The same children Christ hung on that cross to save. I thought, where was the law enforcement, politicians, bishops, and priests? Where was I? Sleeping.

While we were walking around distracted by our lives, our phones, our careers, telling ourselves that that kind of evil would never happen in America, the enemy crept in and stole our children and the souls of men. I am awake now. God is bigger than the evil before us. But just like the devil who cannot act without our consent, God also respects our free will. The enemy has played his cards. But my friends, we hold the Ace.

Please join me in sharing the message, praying for an end to this evil in our world and keep our eyes open to the tactics of the evil one.

Yours in the Heart of Jesus,


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