Who You AreA Retreat Guide on the Sacrament of Baptism

We have all enjoyed stories about people who experience amnesia, who don’t remember who they are. The amnesia-plot creates tense, exciting drama: Will the heroes find out their true identity? Will they ever remember where they come from? We always hope that they do; we root for them to recover their memory.

But have you ever thought about why the amnesia plot resonates so deeply with us?

It’s because identity is everything. This is part of what’s so unique about being human: We are aware of ourselves, conscious of our personal
existence in the universe—unlike rocks and rhododendrons. We recognize that we are in the middle of an amazing story, a story we are helping to write with the choices we make every day.

  • In the first meditation, we will look at what Jesus teaches us about who we are in God’s eyes.
  • In the second meditation, we will delve into the symbols of the baptismal ceremony
  • And in the conference, we will review some practical activities that can help us all develop our true Christian identity to the full.

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Meditation 1

Meditation 2


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