Day 24 – Finding God in Unexpected Places

The gaze of Jesus:
Are we in awe of our Lord?

Work of Art: Adoration of the Shepherds (Jean Baptiste-Marie Pierre, 1775)

As our journey of finding God in unexpected places comes to a close, we invite you to prayerfully contemplate the gaze of the infant Jesus. 

Not only did the shepherds gaze in awe and wonder of their Lord coming to them as an infant, but Jesus and Mary gazed back at them, drawing them closer to their Lord and Savior. 

Do we gaze at our Lord with the same awe and adoration as the shepherds?

Jesus came for us. And he is so eager to encounter us – especially in the most unexpected places. Today, let’s open our eyes to adore our Lord and let him draw us into his Sacred Heart. 

Merry Christmas!

Missed Day 23? Watch Here.

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