Day 10 – Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Day 10 – Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus



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With the Kingdom of your Heart, reign in my heart.
With the humility of your Heart, shape my heart.
With the joy of your Heart, enlarge my heart.
With the love of your Heart, inflame my heart.
With the light of your Heart, dispel the darkness of my heart.
With the knowledge of your Heart, make my heart wise.
With the silence of your Heart, speak to my heart.
With the will of your Heart, govern my heart.
With the patience of your Heart, support my heart.
With the zeal of your Heart, set my heart on fire.
With the obedience of your Heart, make my heart submit.
With the constancy of your Heart, keep my heart faithful.
With the fortitude of your Heart, sustain my vocation.

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  1. Dear Monica Trevino, I am most grateful for your guidance in learning about the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You have opened my heart to His heart in a tender way. Bless you and your mission. I hope to see you again in the work of the Lord. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much Ms. Trevino! This novena really helped me to fall more in love with Jesus and to know His Sacred Heart. I really liked your reflections and pondering them throughout each day. I was really touched by them, and I’ve carried what I’ve learned into my daily life. This was an amazing journey. Thank you for leading us through it! 🙂

  3. Thank you for leading straight into the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We are rejoicing over the current event of Roe vs Wade on the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart. What a privilege to be part of this Novena. Surely God has blessed us today.

  4. TKC!
    Dear Monica,
    Thank you for leading us in this beautiful meditation on thr Sacred Heart of Jesus. May He always reign in your heart too! ❤️ Thank you for sharing your love of Him with us.
    In Christ,

  5. Monica,
    Thank you for this soul-searching novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our Lord has gifted you wisdom, clarity and the ability to teach……and by saying “yes” to Him, you are leading more people to His Sacred Heart! Jesus is smiling on you! May your ministry continue to flourish by the grace of His Most Sacred Heart! Jeanne

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